Little Lilly

I created Lilly for my short film 'Little Lilly'. The film is about an 8 yo braniac, who loves ice cream but is unable to get some due to her small stature. When brawn obstructs her passion for ice cream, Lilly decides to show the world what her brain is capable of. She is a messy, wacky, clumsy scientist who invents gadgets to help her get ice cream from her arch nemesis 'The Ice Cream Man'!

Sanket tonde 1
Sanket tonde 2

little lilly turnaround

Sanket tonde collage tex


Sanket tonde collage occ


Sanket tonde collage wf


Sanket tonde collage bs

blend shapes

Sanket tonde lil

concept art

Sanket tonde gun coll

glove gadget